About the Elevator Game

The Elevator game is of Korean origin. The purpose of the Elevator game is to transport the player into a different world via an elevator. People who have claimed to have successfully completed the game claim that the alternate world looks exactly the same as the real world, except that there are no other living creatures except the player. This game can be very dangerous, and it is recommended that you do not attempt it.

What You'll Need

How to Play the Game

If you have chosen to get off, you are now free to venture around the alternate world as you like. However, I would not recommend going very far from the elevator unless you are certain you will know how to make your way back.

How to Return

Be Careful!

You may feel weak and faint when you arrive at your home. If you do faint, and awaken in your own home, you may have been brought back to the alternate world against your will!

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